Progress Tracker (Automated)

The automated progress tracker, tracks which parts of our onboarding guide you've completed 
Segment 0: Complete your Bitwave Setup Sheet
Segment 1: Login Guide
Segment 2a: Setup Your Organization
Segment 2b: Add Users
Segment 2c: Connect your GL (Solution)
Segment 2d: Define Accounting Defaults
Segment 3a: Setup Non Custodial Wallets
Segment 3b: Setup Exchange Connections
Segment 3c: Setup Custodial Wallets
Segment 3d: Import Data from External Sources
Segment 3e: View Transactions & Basic Functions
Segment 4a - Accounting Workflow Overview
Segment 4b: Individual Categorization
Segment 4c: Rules Based Categorization
Segment 4d: Reconcile and Sync
Segment 5: Tax Workflow Overview
Segment 6: Reports and Period Close